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In this section you can easily find your way to listings of local resources for Stoneage Bristol - where to find stuff and other useful information. Also, some links to articles about particular health concerns, and recipes, as we accumulate the information.

Health Issues

sneezeThere is no doubt that knowledge is power when it comes to trying a new diet. I find this to be generally true as a health practitioner as well - a significant part of the healing process involves learning about both the condition and the treatment. Just as a patient, in a holistic healthcare setting, should never be left to feel that they are a "passive bystander" in their own healthcare, anyone who is trying the stoneage diet is going to get far more out of it if they are doing it through personal choice, rather than having it prescribed.

The intention here in the Health Issues Section is to build up a store of accessible information and materials relating to needs identified by group inquiries into the stoneage diet. This will most likely include future articles on Insulin Resistance and Gluten Intolerance, for example.


delicious fruitThere are already a great many paleo recipe sites out there and I don't see any point in trying to build yet another one. However, as the knowledge builds from the group inquiries we are bound to come up with some useful suggestions, so we have the capacity here to post an infinite amount of recipes - if that's what people want.

Stoneage Bristol

stoneage bristolOne of the major obstacles to going strictly stoneage is the availability of the right kinds of food. It is our great hope that momentum will build on a local level, and we will see some truly stoneage restaurants and takeaways opening. In the meantime there is space on this website to make a start with listing local suppliers.

Pasture Fed Meat

sheepWhere can you get meat that isn't full of hormones and antibiotics?. It's not as easy as you might imagine to find good quality meat from animals that might bear a passing resemblance to the wild creatures that our ancestors hunted. There are some really compelling reasons to make the effort to find a local supplier of pasture fed meat products....