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Savoury Paleo Biscuits - like oatcakes

Thanks to Claire Milne for this simple recipe for a tasty replacement for oatcakes. They taste better too.

Spicy Indonesian Nibble Mix

A tangy, spicy and moreish nutty nibble to serve with drinks. Incredibly addictive!

Recipe adapted from Melissa Joulwan here

Egg Salad Wraps

Fresh, crunchy and creamy bites of heaven.
Serves 1-2

Stoneage Smoothie

A nutritional powerhouse in a glass, and easy to transport when you’re on the go.
Serves 1-2
Adapted from Sarah Wilson here

Baked Veggie Crisps

Here’s a healthy paleo version of everyone’s favourite munch…

Paleo Coconut ‘Bread’

For anyone missing bread and toast, here’s the first of my Paleo bread substitutes…

Dessicated Coconut Bread

This is my favourite coconut bread recipe, dense and cake like…. It’s delicious!
Recipe adapted from Paleoliscious here