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Most people seem to rely heavily on grains to provide the basis for most of their meals, especially breakfast (i.e. cereal, toast etc.) and believe that this is the only way to fill you up and sustain you through the morning. In fact, our love affair with carbohydrates causes most to declare “I couldn’t live without bread/ porridge/pasta/rice” but I have found that plenty of protein along with some veg does the trick, and the body and brain soon adjusts to the new regime. Good old egg and bacon (treat yourself to good bacon, not that thin stuff that ‘leaks’), kippers and poached eggs, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, an omelette or a piece of fish are my usual fare, combined with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions or even leftover veg from the night before (e.g. sweet potato and broccoli make a nice ‘bubble and squeak’).

If you’re not quite up to cooked food first thing, then another option is the fruit route – a lovely fresh fruit salad of whatever you’ve got in the bowl perhaps with a few berries and nuts and seeds sprinkled over will put a spring in your step. You could even make this the night before and pour some apple juice over it so that it goes all slurpy. Or whizz it all up to make a smoothie.

Egg Salad Wraps

Fresh, crunchy and creamy bites of heaven.
Serves 1-2

California Mystery Scramble

A speedy, healthy full spectrum breakfast, inspired by a trip to the US and the amazing choice of breakfasts on offer.
Just use whatever fresh and leftover veggies/protein items you have in your fridge. It’s really that simple.
Serves 2

Turkey Sausage Patties

Perfect for a weekend breakfast. Adapted from Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipe here
Serves 4.

Nut Butter Hotcakes

Just 3 main ingredients go into making these delicious little beauties, and they’ll fill you up till lunch.
Serves 2 with leftovers.
Recipe adapted from ‘The Clothes Make the Girl’ here

No Grain Granola

Hooray! A Paleo breakfast ‘cereal’ stand in. For all of you who miss their morning bowl of something slurpy & crunchy.
This seems like a lot of ingredients but if you just have it once a week, it’ll stretch further and justify the shopping budget…
Recipe adapted from Two Loves Studio here

Stoneage Smoothie

A nutritional powerhouse in a glass, and easy to transport when you’re on the go.
Serves 1-2
Adapted from Sarah Wilson here

Paleo Coconut ‘Bread’

For anyone missing bread and toast, here’s the first of my Paleo bread substitutes…

Dessicated Coconut Bread

This is my favourite coconut bread recipe, dense and cake like…. It’s delicious!
Recipe adapted from Paleoliscious here